Conical Screen Mills

Pilot/Production-scale rotary screen mills for calibrating wet or dry powders or granules for optimal particle size distribution. Numerous configuration options available including  integrated in-line or stand-alone executions.

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Main Features

  • Stainless Steel/PTFE Mechanical Seals Cooled by Air or Nitrogen
  • Pressure Shock Resistant Construction
  • Low Percentage of Blind Screen Surface in Contact with Product Reduces Powder Deposits
  • Easy to Clean with Quick Screen Replacement
  • Motor Inverter for Impeller Rotation Speed Control/Adjustment
  • Suitable for Processing a Wide Range of Products
  • Design According to EC and cGMP Regulations

Materials and Finishing

  • Product Contact: 316L Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish
  • Non-Product Contact: 304 Stainless Steel, Fine Satin Finish


  • Integrated or Remote Control Panel
  • Mobile Cart/Trolley (Fixed Height) with Standard Control Panel
  • Mobile Lifting Column (Adjustable Height, Manual or Motorized) with Standard Control Panel
  • Manual or Vacuum Loading Infeed Attachments
  • Manual or Vacuum Discharging Attachments
  • Dosing Valves
  • Level Sensors
  • Explosion Proof Execution (ATEX, CLI DIV2, Zone 2)
  • WIP Provisions

Conical Screen Mills

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