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Wet Granulation

GRANUMEIST® High Shear Granulation

The GRANUMEIST® High Shear Granulator/Mixer system is designed for efficient and homogeneous wet granulation of powders to form medium to high density granules with excellent flow and compression characteristics. The granulation process is very quick and is usually transferred into a FLO-COATER® fluid bed for drying. There are two styles of GRANUMEIST® granulators. Both styles produce equivalent granulation processes. There are non-processing advantages associated with both designs, which are discussed below.

Top Drive: GMX

GMX-600 GRANUMEIST® 600L top drive system

The top drive GMX system has the mixer and chopper enter through the top lid. The bowl is lifted up to the blade for processing. Advantages include the ability for the bowl to be removed for cleaning inspection. Also, the seals for the mixer and chopper are removed from the processing area.

Bottom Drive: GMXB

GMXB-1800 GRANUMEIST® 1800L bottom drive system

The bottom drive GMXB system has the mixer blade enter the bottom of the process bowl. The chopper is mounted through the side. The bottom drive system is the more widely used type of high shear granulation system. It has an advantage in larger batch sizes (2000L versus 1200L max capacity for top drive systems) and can process up to 90% of the bowl rating (versus ~67% for top drive systems).

Horizontal Granulation Suite with Vacuum Transfer

200kg Granulation Suite consisting of GMX-600 High Shear Granulator, FC-120X 12 Bar Fluid Bed, Integrated Controls, Wet & Dry Mill

FREUND’s horizontal granulation suites can be installed within single or adjacent processing rooms. The equipment layout is based on a through-the-wall design to minimize processing space and simplify cleaning the equipment.

FREUND provides the entire system, including vacuum or gravity charging into the high shear granulator, vacuum transferring through a wet mill to the fluid bed dryer, and vacuum or gravity discharging the fluid bed through a dry mill and into an IBC (not shown).

The granulation suite includes FREUND’s COMPU™ automated control system, which integrates the control of the entire system within a single operator interface panel.

FREUND’s comprehensive FAT includes each individual component of the granulation suite. This ensures the installation, startup, and qualification of the entire system will be completed in the shortest time frame possible.

200kg Granulation Suite consisting of GMXB-600 High Shear Granulator, FC-120X 12 Bar Fluid Bed, Integrated Controls, Wet & Dry Mill

Vertical Granulation Suite with Gravity Transfer

FREUND’s vertical granulation suites can be installed on several floors of a pharmaceutical facility. Gravity is utilized to provide a more efficient flow of product. The high shear mixer charges via vacuum or gravity. After the granulation process is complete, the mixer relies on gravity and a wet mill to control the product flow into the fluid bed dryer. Fluidization is maintained throughout the transfer process to assist product movement and to reduce clumping defects.

If required, the fluid bed can be charged using a secondary IBC, as shown to the top-right of the fluid bed tower. After the fluid bed drying process is complete, product is discharged using either FREUND’s patented lowering screen discharge method or via a rotating product screen. The dried product is discharged into an intermediate hopper where it waits to be dry milled into the final IBC.

To minimize time between batches, the product screen returns to its original position allowing the fluid bed to operate while the dry milling process continues.

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