Bottom Drive High Shear Wet Granulation Mixing Systems

The GMXB GRANUMEIST® High Shear Granulator and Mixer is designed for efficient and homogenous wet granulation of powders to form a medium to high density granule.

Its bottom-drive design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, faster processing times, and superior user safety.

Engineered with the end-user in mind, the GMX GRANUMEIST® family is the ideal solution for your wet granulation and mixing needs.

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Process Flexibility

  • Interchangeable Product Bowls: 4L, 6L and 10L
  • User-Defined Settings for Mixer and Chopper Blade Speeds
  • Integrated Peristaltic Pump
  • Aqueous and Solvent Processing
  • Jacketed Bowl for Product Temperature Control (Optional)
  • Vacuum Drying for One-Pot Processing (Optional)

Bottom Drive, Self-Contained System

  • Quick Changeover Design – No Tools Required

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

 Engineered Scalability

  • Proportional Mixer Blade Tip Speeds
  • Bowl and Blade Geometries

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Validatable Process Control
  • Multiple End Point Detection Parameters:
    • Mixer Power
    •  Granulation Time
  • USB Data Collection Port


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