FLO-COATER® Fluid Bed Technology

For Top Spray Granulation of Powders

Purposes of Top Spray Granulation

Top spray granulation is most commonly used to improve the flow characteristics of powder. Other advantages include increasing particle size, density, and surface area as well as reducing dust emissions.

Typical granule shape from Top Spray Granulation Process

Tri-Axial Atomizing Spray Gun

An atomizing spray gun with tri-axial wand is the standard spray gun used with a FLO-COATER® system. Solution, atomization air and spray air are supplied through the spray gun assembly, creating a non-cluttered, easy to use spray gun. The number of nozzles vary depending on the batch size (up to 1,900L capacity).

Spray Wand with one nozzle. Caps for the three nozzle and six nozzle spray guns are shown to the single nozzle.

Conidur Plate Improves Drying and Granulation Performance

The Conidur plate, standard on all FLO-COATER® systems, provides a consistent distribution of airflow across the product plate, thus improving drying efficiencies and increasing spray rates. Another advantage is that the Conidur plate provides directional airflow, assisting in the vacuum discharge of product.

Close up view of Conidur plate.

Vented or 12 Bar?

With fluid bed systems, safety always must be considered as the highest priority. Due to static charge of the product, there always remains the risk of an explosive environment within the fluid bed chamber. The safety risk is heightened when solvents are used as the binding solution. FREUND designs fluid beds to an over-pressure rating of 12 bar and the explosive situation (correctly termed “deflagration”) is contained within the fluid bed chamber. FREUND also offers a vented design, which safely directs the over-pressure situation to an open, safe place.

FC-120 FLO-COATER® with Vented Design (Left) and FC-200MX FLO-COATER® with 12 Bar Design (Right)

3-Piece Construction Provides Processing Flexibility

FLO-COATER® systems can be executed in 3-piece construction. With this design, additional processing inserts can be incorporated into the system. This allows for quick-changeover of the fluid bed system from a top spray granulator to a Wurster Coater or GRANUREX® rotor processor.

FC-30MX shown with 100L Product Container. This fluid system also supports several other processing inserts, including an 18″ Wurster coater and GRANUREX® rotor.

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