The multi-purpose benchtop FC-LAB Micro FLO-COATER® is a self-contained, easy-to-operate development fluid bed system. Capable of processing batches as small as 20g, the FC-LAB Micro is the ideal solution for feasibility studies.

For maximum flexibility, the system includes all components necessary to perform top spray granulation, bottom spray coating and drying processes.

With a standard configuration that includes spare parts, two filter chamber sizes, a 12-month warranty, and quick delivery, the FC-LAB Micro represents the best equipment value in its class.

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Flexible System Configurations

  • Top Spray Granulation
  • Bottom Spray: Solution Coating
  • Drying

Flexible Process Capabilities

  • Aqueous and Solvent Processing
  • 20g to 600g Capacity: No Inserts Required
  • Nano Container for Volumes Down to 5g*
  • Two Glass Chambers: Standard and Extended Heights
  • SS Filter Chamber (Optional)

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

* Indicates Optional Features

Portable Self-Contained System

  • Electrical and Compressed Air Connections

Quick Changeover Design

  • No Tools Required for Changeover/Cleaning
  • Integrated Peristaltic Pump
  • Removable Spray Gun and Product Screens
  • Removable Filter Chamber and Filters

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Validatable Process Control
    • Inlet Airflow and Temperature Control
    • USB Data Collection Port


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