Dry Powder Particle Coating

Freund’s patented Wurster Pro™ allows dry powder to be injected into the spray zone to enable coating multi-particulate cores with an enteric polymer. This method of dry powder layering decreases the application time needed for proper drug release or enteric protection.

Coated beads utilizing the Wurster Pro™ system with dry powder applicator.


What are the results?

Using the Wurster Pro™ to apply the glidant as a dry powder, the 20% polymer application was accomplished almost three times faster than conventional methods. The ability of the modified system to deliver the talc directly into the spray zone and distribute the talc over the surface of the multi-particulates allowed for accelerated spray rates, reduced agglomeration percentages and also allowed for the application of the aqueous dispersion at twice the concentration of the standard recommended application.


Improved Processing Time

Wurster technology is commonly used as a method for applying active and functional coatings to various multi-particulate substrates. However, this method becomes complicated when processes require large volumes of diluted solutions or poorly soluble API’s that require organic solvents. Additionally, large suspension volumes force long spray times which could further cause sedimentation within the solution line and spray gun problems leading to agglomeration of substrate particles.

What are the Benefits?

Wurster Pro™ Spray Gun

Applies polymer at a faster rate due to the greater efficiency and effectiveness of applying glidant as a dry powder to reduce aggregation.

Removes the suspended solids from the coating suspension/solution, thereby removing sedimentation and clogging in the lines and spray gun.

Improves the spray ability, diminishes the process time, and reduces solution instability of certain pharmaceutical and other polymers containing insoluble solids and or soluble solids.

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