Filter Washing Cabinet

Automatic washing and drying station for cartridge filters.

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Main Features

  • Ultrasonic Washing System
  • Lower Rotating Locking Cones with Internal Washing Nozzles
  • Upper Locking with Height Adjustable Arm
  • External Washing Nozzles
  • Nº Water Inlets, Industrial and Demineralized water
  • Compressed Air Pipe Drainage
  • PLC & Touchscreen Controls
    • Washing Cycles Recipes
    • USB port for Printer Connection

Finishes and Materials

  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel


  • Customized Tank for Different Sized Filters
  • Detergent Addition
  • Ultrasonic Washing
  • Filter Drying with Hot Air
  • Water Heating Battery

Filter Washing Cabinet

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