One-Pot Fluid Bed Rotor Processor GXR Insert

  • Unique Drying Method (US Patent 7,726,591 & 7,753,298)
  • Rapid Centrifugal Discharge of Product
  • Designed for Development through Production FLO-COATERS®
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Superior Processing Control

  • Independent Control of Airflow and Product Rotation for Precision Granule Sizing and Coating Thickness

Complete Processing Flexibility

  • Low Airflow for Coating, Spheronization, Powder Layering and High Density Granulation
  • High Airflow for Drying Product
  • Optional Powder Feeder for Powder Layering

Patented Conical Rotor Plate

  • Ideally Suited for Spherical Granule Processing
  • Increased Production Capacity Compared to Flat Rotor Designs
  • Precision-Machined Slit for Narrow Particle Size Distribution, Superior Product Uniformity, and Fine Particle Processing

Tangential Spray Guns

  • Applies Coating Material Directly Into Product Bed
  • Increased Yields with Minimal Losses

Easily Removable, Portable, and Cleanable

  • Used with New and Existing FLO-COATER® Systems


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