The LDCS-Pro is a portable, self-contained system designed for pilot scale and small production pan coating processes. Unique abrasion resistant perforations minimize tablet attrition. Each coating pan is manufactured with the latest anti-marking technology, consisting of a high mirror finish and anti-slide baffles.

With a standard offer that includes a coating pan, a recipe-driven control system and quick delivery, the LDCS-Pro provides the best solution for your pilot scale and small production pan coating processes.

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Flexible Processing Capabilities

  • Portable, Self Contained System
  • Film, Sugar and Solvent Coating Available
  • Five Interchangeable Pans: 20L, 40L, 55L, 110L, 150L
  • Batch Ranges: 10% to 100% of Brim Volume
  • Hinged Front and Side Access Doors
  • Quick-Change Mounting System
  • Integral Drain for Rapid Cleaning

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

EcoClean™ Technology Optional

  • High Pressure – Low Volume Systems
  • Continuous Weld Pan Housing: No Seals

Integrated Peristaltic Solution Pump

  • Positioned on Front Cover for Quick Process Changeover

Mini-Tab Pans Available

Inline PAT Monitoring Optional

  • Real Time Coating Thickness

Anti-Marking Coating Pans

  • Abrasion Resistant Perforations
  • Anti-Slide Baffles Formed into Pan
  • Sanitary Mirror-Smooth Finish Pan Interior
  • Removable Precision Mixing Baffles

AT-PRO™ Anti-Bearding Spray Gun

  • No-Drip Design With Needle Valve
  • Atomization and Spray Pattern Control
  • Easily Removable Spray Bar

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Automatic (Recipe-Driven) and Manual Modes
  • Validatable Process Control:
    • Inlet Airflow and Pan Pressure
    • Exhaust and Inlet Temperature
    • Spray Rate and Delivery Amount
  • Optional COMPUTM Automated Control System
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data and Recipe Handling System


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