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Focusing on Feasibility and Development Processes

Freund-Vector is one of the only companies that offer a complete line a cutting edge solutions from Lab to Pilot scale systems that can assist your team of scientists by optimizing their processes. If your company processes powders, particles, beads, pellets, tablets and other solid materials to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, chemical or automotive industries, we can help. Here are some of Freund-Vector’s Rental Program ways to optimize the processes before committing to a large capital expenditure.


Cutting Edge Technology

Technology is constantly evolving and developing. What is today’s new product can quickly become outdated in less than 5 years. Renting allows laboratories access to our latest technology and even higher standards of equipment.




The program offers an opportunity to try our systems without spending a lot of money upfront. The equipment is portable, self-contained and in most cases only requires electrical and compressed air utilities.



Try Before you Buy

You may want to purchase the equipment but need to test it out first. After confirming your process requirements and decide to purchase, 50% of your rental fees can be applied to the purchase of any equipment of equivalent or larger size within six (6) months of the rental completion date.



Rental Period

Freund-Vector’s rental program is set for up to a 3 month period. Rental period begins with the shipment date of the unit to the renter and the rental period ends with the shipment date of the unit from the renter.

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