Achieving 10 Micron Powder Coating

Freund-Vector’s Wurster Accelerator system coats particles as small as 10 microns

The Freund-Vector patented Wurster Accelerator system has once again demonstrated its superior processing capability. In a series of trials, Freund-Vector has worked with clients to develop a process that coats fine powders with a d50 mean of 10 microns. Further, this process was scaled from an 18″ Wurster up to a 32″ Wurster.

Fine Particle Coating Results at 10 micron resolution.

In the initial trials, 50kg of 10 micron material was coated with 9.4kg of an aqueous API/binder solution. Coating time was 120 minutes. The processes were demonstrated on the VFC-60M fluid bed system installed Freund-Vector’s US Laboratory (Marion Iowa). This fluid bed system was equipped with polyester cartridge filters (rated at 2 micron retention) and a specially designed perforated plate specifically for the ultra fine powder (FP2).

Coating small particles offers several benefits to formulation scientists, including delivering drugs in smaller dosage forms, improving potency of a drug delivery method, taste-masking, and numerous other benefits.

Fine Particle Coating Results at 30 micron resolution

Watch a video of the Wurster Accelerator system from Freund-Vector’s YouTube channel.

Historically, Wurster processes have had difficulty coating particles less than 50 micron. Despite best efforts to shield the particles from the spray gun tip, smaller particles tended to become over-wet, which led to an unacceptable amount of agglomerates.

However, the Wurster Accelerator solves this over-wetting problem. The Wurster Accelerator uses compressed air to divert particles around the nozzle, perfectly placing the particles in the ideal location to be introduced to the atomized spray zone. Only a small amount of coating solution is applied to the particle, allowing it to dry quicker and reducing the probability of sticking to another particle.

Combined with a unique spray gun design and a novel perforated plate, process scientists at Freund-Vector have achieved 10 micron powder coating with numerous clients.

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