Answers to Fluid Bed Processors Quiz

Last week Freund-Vector created a short quiz on Fluid Bed Processors on LinkedIn.  The purpose of this quiz was to test customer’s knowledge on Freund-Vector’s Fluid Bed technology and processing capability.   There was an overwhelming response and we appreciate everyone’s responses.  We now would like to share the answers to those questions.

Question #1: A fluid bed can be used for which of the following processes?

Answer choices:

  • Top Spray Granulation
  • Wurster (Bottom Spray) Coating
  • Rotor Granulation
  • Drying
  • All of the above – Freund-Vectors Bed Processor are capable of Top Spray Granulation, Drying, Spherical Granulation (Rotor) and Wurster (Bottom Spray Coating). For more information, you can visit Freund-Vector’s website.

Question #2: To determine the batch size when utilizing a Fluid Bed process, you would need to know the following:

Answer choices:

  • Volume
  • Materials being used
  • Type of process
  • Bulk density
  • Room height
  • Volume and bulk density – Volume and Bulk Density are the two important factors in determining the batch size.

Question #3: Which option best describes the processing technology in the illustration below?

Wurster Accelerator Air Pressure Illustration

Answer choices:

  • Wurster (Bottom Spray Coating)
  • Wurster Pellet Coating
  • Rotor Spherical Granulation
  • Wurster (Bottom Spray Coating) AND Wurster Pellet Coating – Freund-Vector’s Patented Wurster Accelerator Technology is capable of Fine Pellet and Bead Coating and Bottom Spray Granulation. To learn more about Freund-Vector’s Wurster Accelerator Coating Technology, click here.
  • I don’t know

Question #4: Which option best describes the processing technology in the illustration below?

“GXR” Granurex Illustration

Answer choices:

  • Rotor Spherical Granulation
  • Wurster Pellet Coating
  • Rotor Powder Layering
  • Rotor Spherical Granulation AND Rotor Powder Layering – Freund-Vector’s Patented GRANUREX (GXR) Technology is capable of Spherical Granulation, Powder Layering and Solution/Suspension Coating.  To learn more about Freund-Vector’s GXR Powder Coating Technology, click here.
  • I don’t know

Question #5: Compared to cartridge filters, bag filters are much better at retention. True or False?

Polyester Cartridge Filters 2 Micron


  • False- Freund-Vector’s Polyester Cartridge Filters are much better at product retention, rated for up to 2 microns compared to Bag Filters, rated at 20 microns.

Good luck on the upcoming quizzes on Spray Drying, Roller Compact, and Film Coating.  We look forward to reviewing your responses on LinkedIn.

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