“Instantizing” Offers Solutions To Dispersing/Solubilizing Powders In Liquid

 Think about when you put hot cocoa powder mix in a mug of hot water, how much of the powder floats on top of the surface? How quickly do you grab a stirring straw or spoon in order to ensure the powder is dissolved by the liquid to enjoy that drink?

Instantizing is an agglomeration technique performed in a fluid bed processor that improves the dispersibility and solubility of a powder introduced to a liquid – much like adding hot chocolate to your mug of hot water. The instantizing process performs two key functions.

  1. Increases particle size.
  2. Increases surface area of the particle.

Fluidized Bed agglomeration creates irregularly shaped, highly porous particles with excellent instant properties.  Good rewetting properties are achieved when granules of 100-200μ in diameter are produced.


Why is this important?

The increased particle size allows the particle to penetrate the surface tension of the liquid. Instead of floating on top of the drink waiting for a stirring tool, the particles immediately become submerged in the liquid.

The increased surface area improves solubility since more of the powder would be subjected to the water. With a properly instantized product there is also less clumping, which also improves overall solubility.

Coating a material that does not disperse well, with an ingredient like lecithin and maltodextrin, is one of the ways to make it readily dispersible. A properly instantized product, the need for stirring should be nearly – if not entirely – eliminated.”

The agglomeration of powder particles for instantization has been used for dairy products, such as hot chocolate and milk powder for ice-creams; beverages, such as coffee and tea; starch-based products, such as soups, sauces and baby foods. Enzymes and yeasts, ingredients used in industrial bakery, and with the newest trends of CBD and or THC products.

 Advantages of Instantizing

  1. Better dispersibility
  2. Increased wettability
  3. Better flowability
  4. Rapid solubility
  5. Reduction of dust


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