Coating Mini-Tablets Using Perforated Coating Pans

Novel Process Provides New Drug Delivery Solutions

Mini-tablets offer a unique drug delivery method, combining multiparticulate dosage forms with traditional tablet formulation.  When filled into a gelatin capsule, mini-tablets can provide controlled release delivery, multiple release profiles or even multiple drugs in a single capsule.

Gelatin capsule with mini-tablets

In addition to Wurster particle coating, thanks to an innovative micro-perforation design developed by Freund-Vector, mini-tablets can also be coated in our HI-COATER® perforated coating pans.

HI-COATER® Perforated Design

The micro-perforations allow perfect retention of mini-tablets while providing uniform drying air through the tablet bed.  Where woven retention screen overlays may have been used previously, micro-perforations allow for improved clean-ability.

We look forward to discussing how Freund-Vector can assist with your mini-tablet coating processes.


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