Comparison of Wurster processor with a GRANUREX® (GXR) rotor processor: 100-300 micron Omeprazole coated beads

The purpose of this research was to compare two processes, an established Wurster coating process and a GRANUREX® process for producing 100-300 micron Omeprazole coated beads to determine if advantages were present in either approach.  Efficiency, uniformity and total process time were the three key areas that this poster focused on.

46 inch Wurster
Wurster insert used for coating processes.


GRANUREX® (GXR) insert used for coating processes.

Below is a chart that outlines the results for particle size, sphericity, content uniformity and yield.

100-300 micron Omeprazole Layered Bead Results

Our conclusion shows that an alternative processing method for the preparation of very small spherical active beads is shown. The sphericity and surface smoothness of the spheronized beads is ideal for modified release coating, and significant time savings can be achieved over traditional methods requiring the application of large volumes of active suspension.

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