Cos.Mec Acquisition



November 9, 2020


Notice of Acquisition of Cos.Mec of Italy

On November 5, 2020, Freund Corporation, Tokyo Japan, acquired Cos.Mec S.r.l., a privately owned company based in Italy. Cos.Mec has had a strong market presence and customer base since their founding in 1991.

The synergy between Freund Corporation, Freund-Vector Corporation and Cos.Mec will provide enhanced  products, technologies, and services to our pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and other industry customers. This acquisition increases Freund-Vector’s overall product offering, which now includes material handling equipment (containers, mixers, lifts, etc.)  In addition, this acquisition will provide a stronger worldwide coverage and more comprehensive European base for the Freund Group.


About Freund

Freund Corporation was founded in 1964, and develops products that respond to needs for pharmaceutical products and the food industry with strong focus on research and development. Experts in mechanical engineering, pharmaceutics, electronic engineering, applied chemistry and biochemistry to produce numerous creative and cutting-edge products for granulating, coating, drying, printing, encapsulation, and more.


About Freund-Vector

A global full service company founded in 1972, Freund-Vector Corporation designs, manufactures and markets processing equipment and services for the processing of powders, particles, beads, pellets, tablets and other solid materials/forms to the pharmaceutical, nutritional, food, confectionery, chemical, powdered metals, automotive and pyrotechnics industries. Equipment applications include coating, drying, agglomerating, granulating, layering, densification and tablet forming.