Drying PAT Monitoring by NIR

Freund-Vector Demonstrates Drying PAT Capability

During the APGI (Association de Pharmacie Galénique Industrielle) workshop in Lille, France, earlier this month, Andrea Gelain, Associate Process Scientist, presented “Drying PAT Monitoring by NIR: Calibration vs PCA Trend Approach”.  The use of near infrared (NIR) has rapidly grown partly due to demands of process analytical applications within the pharmaceutical industry.   The non-invasive and non-destructive nature of measurements makes NIR a powerful tool in analyzing pharmaceutical solids.

Leveraging Freund-Vector’s high shear mixer, GMXB Pilot and Freund-Vector’s, VFC- Lab 3 with Viavi’s MicronNIR PAT U device,  Andrea lead a discussion on the endpoint for drying and establishing  correlation between moisture of the mixture using NIR technology.  The process showed a very strong correlation between the absorbances read by the NIR instrument and the determined Loss on Drying (LOD). It is clearly visible the similar trend of the process repetitions. This indicates that the model is reproducible. When the process shows no more changes, the principal component analysis graph tends to a plateau, so it is possible to locate the endpoint of the process in terms of moisture content. The reproducibility of the process in terms of trend and endpoint can allow a process control without the need of a constant calibration.

Drying PAT Monitoring by NIR: Loss on Drying (LOD)

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