How The AT Spray Gun Improves Film Coating Processes

During the past 20 years there have been substantial improvements in the variety and quality of tablet coating materials (i.e. ease of preparation, aqueous controlled release, reduced viscosity/higher solids, etc.).   To obtain the best results of these improvements, you need to ensure that your film coating procedures focus on utilizing the proper spray pattern for the spray gun set-up.

The AT Spray Gun is the only spray gun available to the market that allows for independent control of spray pattern at a constant atomization pressure. Most commercially available spray guns have a fixed pattern depending on the supply pressure.

The illustration below shows the variety of spray patterns available at a constant atomization pressure. This is extremely important when using different coating materials or different starting pan loads.

Below is an illustration that shows four (4) types of spray patterns, depending on the volume of pattern air volume/pressure.  Using the ‘Fan’ spray pattern will produce the “Uniform Curtain of Spray cross the Complete Width of the Tablet Bed”, which is the ideal situation.

Uniform ‘curtain’ of spray

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