Freund-Vector’s Perforated Coating Pans

Starting with the development of the world’s first successful automated film coating machine in 1964, the Freund group has established itself as a global leader in tablet coating systems and technologies.  Since the worldwide launch of the Freund-Vector Hi-Coater® in 1974, our perforated coating pans have featured slotted perforations.  When compared to round-hole perforations used by other suppliers, these slotted perforations provide reduced tablet attrition and even allow the coating of mini-tablets as small as 1.5mm.  From bench top units for feasibility batches of just 100 grams to large scale production batches over 1000 kg, our wide range of equipment offerings have your aqueous, solvent and sugar coating requirements covered.

Freund-Vector’s perforated coating pans have featured slotted perforations

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