Granuformer Presented at Sheffield University Workshop

Granuformer Identified as a Worthy New Technology

Sheffield University (UK) held its 8th Annual Granulation workshop June 28-30, 2017. The primary focus of this event was continuous manufacturing.  Many university delegates as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers and equipment providers from around the world were in attendance.  R&D presentations and discussions made by Ph.D. researchers reviewed the latest tendencies and technologies within the granulation field.

During a “Continuous Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products” presentation by Professor Peter Kleinebudde’s, Heinrich Heine Düsseldorf University, Freund-Vector’s continuous drying by spiral dryer – the Granuformer – was mentioned as a worthy new technology.

Freund-Vector’s Granuformer is an innovative new system that can perform granulation and drying continuously.   It begins with blending the raw materials, which feds a twin screw extruder and vertical granulator and ends with a spiral dryer.

To learn more about Freund-Vector’s Granuformer, check out Freund-Vector’s YouTube Channel.