Bin Washing Cabinet

Automatic cabinet for internal and external washing and drying of wheeled and palletized bins.

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Main Features

  • QTY 2: Water Inputs (Industrial and Demineralized)
  • QTY 3: Water Outputs (Valve Washing, Internal Washing and External Washing)
  • Purge of the Pipes with Compressed Air
  • Washing Pressure: 10 Bar
  • Water Flow Required: 90 Liters/Minute
  • Pneumatic Positioning of the Washing and Internal Drying Cover
  • Air Treatment Unit for Drying Bin
  • Automatic Management of Washing Cycles with PLC+Touch Screen

Finishes and Materials

  • Pipes and Equipment: AISI 316 L
  • Washing Cabinet: AISI 304 Satin RA ≤0.8 μm


  • Washing Cabinet Suitable for Accommodating non-Standard Bins
  • Double Access Door
  • Opening the Door Automatically
  • Kit for Adding Detergent
  • Rotating Grid Platform (CWB-R)
  • Drying Vapor Exhaust Fan
  • Process Water Storage Tanks
  • Industrial Water Heating Max 80°C
  • Kit for Water Recovery and Recirculation
  • Conductivity Meter

Bin Washing Cabinet

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