Sifter/Separator: VBS

 Single deck, low-profile screening machine for de-lumping, capturing/retaining foreign materials and impurities, and separating/classification of particles.

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Main Features

  • Mobile Trolley Support
  • Hopper and Stainless Steel Lid for Manual Feeding
  • Stainless Steel Vibratory Electric Motor
  • Adjustable Mesh Tensioner
  • Mesh-to-Discharge Spacer
  • Anti-Vibrating Springs
  • Discharge Hopper
  • Easy to Clean with Quick Screen Replacement
  • Adaptable to Numerous Feeding and Discharge Arrangements
  • Various Mesh Screen Sizes Available
  • Fast, Toolless Disassembling
  • Design According to EC and cGMP Regulations

Materials and Finishing

  • Product Contact: 316L Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish
  • Non-Product Contact: 304 Stainless Steel, Fine Satin Finish


  • Various Charging and Discharging Adapters for Manual and Pneumatic Transfer
  • Kit to Connect to Pneumatic Vacuum Conveying System
  • Vibrasonic System
  • Fixed and Mobile Lifts/Supports
  • Ex-proof Execution

Sifter/Separator: VBS

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