The GENESIS™ Laboratory Spray Dryer is designed for open loop spray drying for process feasibility, development, and clinical batches. Closed loop spray drying with nitrogen inerting for solvent processing is available with the optional solvent upgrade.

The system is a portable, self-contained spray drying system comprised of a drying chamber, atomizing nozzle, cyclone, and exhaust fines filter. All external covers are 304 stainless steel and all product contact parts are 316L stainless steel.

*Standard Configuration Shown
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Pressure Nozzle

  • Produce particles with properties and size distribution representative of commercial scale operations.  Helps narrow the capabilities gap between formulation development and process optimization.

Cyclone Configurations

  • Modular body construction with interchangeable sections. Create optimized configurations to best suit your process and product attributes.

Discovery Module

  • Work with small quantities of valuable feed material to produce sub-gram samples of powder with nearly complete recovery.

Sustained Operation

  • Reliable VFD motor and continuous duty fan, proven cartridge filter technology, butterfly valve powder discharge, purpose-built condenser with on-board chiller and production class devices throughout.  Eliminate process interruptions and filter cleaning; run longer batches for “scale in” before scaleup.

Scale Up

  • Get it right while you’re in the lab now – reduce uncertainties later. Production class spray nozzles, instrumentation and process data collection help streamline transfer to larger drying systems and possibly reducing time from development to clinic.



  • All-in-one unit perfect for product development and for GMP production of clinical supplies and small batch commercial products.

Drying Chamber Extension

  • Increases residence time to allow lower inlet temperatures. Used with pressure nozzle and pressurized solution delivery vessel. Improves drying of larger droplets/larger particle size.

Discovery Module

  • Powder is collected directly on filter disk without using a cyclone to maximize recovery of small samples.


  • Scalable to Larger GSD Systems
  • Portable System Mounted on Casters
  • Drying Chamber with View Windows
  • Cyclone with Powder Collection Container (500mL)
  • Internal Gas Handling System with Electric Heater
  • Peristaltic Pump System with Solution Tank (1 liter)
  • Bag Filter with Cartridge Filters
  • Range of Spray Devices:
    • 2-Fluid Nozzle: Standard
    • Pressure Nozzle: (Optional)
    • Twin Jet: (Optional)
  • Solvent Condensing and Recovery Unit
  • Nitrogen Inerting System and Oxygen Monitor for Closed Cycle Operation
  • COMPU™ Control System (Optional)
    • 21 CFR Part 11 Data Recipe Handling System


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