The GENESIS™ Benchtop Spray Dryer is the ideal choice for drug discovery, substance feasibility and rapid formulation development of spray-dried powders. The system is designed for open loop (once-through) operation for aqueous and organic solvents. The system is also suitable for under a hood or inside an isolator.

The system is easily portable and fully self-contained with all components and controls on board: stainless steel drying chamber, atomizing nozzle, cyclone, product collection container and  exhaust fines filter.

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Flexible System Configurations

  • Portable All-in-One Benchtop System
  • Aqueous and Solvent Ready
  • Single Pass Operation
  • Stainless Steel Chamber (Standard)
    • Glass Chamber (Optional)


  • Supply Air System with Electric Heater and Inlet Filter
  • 2-Fluid Atomizing Nozzle and Pressure Regulator
  • Integrated Peristaltic Pump System
  • Cyclone with .5 L Powder Collection Container
  • Exhaust HEPA filter (optional)

Smart-Safe™ Containment Optional

Color Touchscreen Control System

  • Validatable Process Control
  • Inlet Airflow and Temperature
  • Spray Rate and Delivery Amount
  • USB Data Collection Port


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