Success Story – Tablet Coating @ 250 mL Per Minute/Gun

Last week, Freund-Vector conducted a pilot test to determine if tablets could be coated at 250 mL/minute/gun.  After two days of testing on Freund-Vector’s VHC HI-COATER® 60 Coating System, the pilot test was completed with successful results.

Freund-Vector utilized (4) AT Spray Guns on a swing out spray bar manifold gun system during this pilot.  This modular system allows for quick and easy additional or removal of the “AT” spray guns, IR Temperature Sensors or WIP/CIP devices.  There are no flexible tubes or fittings inside the coating pan.  All connections are made at the end of the spray bar.  The AT Spray Gun is the only spray gun available to the market that allows for independent control of spray pattern at a constant atomization pressure.

AT Spray Guns

In addition to using AT spray guns, mixing baffles were used to ensure there was an uniform distribution of coating materials on the tablets.  These mixing baffles and coating pan were cleaned within a short period of time using the WIP (Wash In Place) system.

Mixing Baffles – VHC Hi-Coater® 60 Coating System


Mixing Baffles – VHC Hi-Coater® 60 Coating System

Results of pilot test are outlined below:

·       Focus was placed on spray time, not percentage (%) of coating.

·       Performed three (3) tests, ranging from 14.7 minutes to 47 minutes.

·       Ran four (4) spray guns – 250mL/minute/gun @ 4000 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM)

Below are illustrations portraying the results of this pilot test.

Coating % for 3 tests ranged from .6% – 1.0%


Coating % for 3 tests ranged from 1.0% – 1.8%

To learn more about Freund-Vector’s “VHC” HI-COATER Pan Coating Technology, you can visit Freund-Vector’s YouTube channel .  Feel free to reach out to for additional information on your next tablet coating pilot test.

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