Swap out your 1,000 L coating pan in less than 5 minutes!

VHC-Multi Pan Mounting Method

Cedar Rapids, IA: August 29, 2019, The US Patent office announced a pending patent for a pan mounting method. This new design on the VHC-Multi allows for the clean exchange of production coating pans. The pan is exchanged through the front of the machine with an independent cart and trolley that are removed from the pan housing during operation. This allows the pan to be cleaned in-place inside the pan housing, similar to a dedicated coating pan. When installed the front of the coating pan is supported with removable casters while the rear of the pan utilizes a tapered shaft connection. This design allows the tool-less changeover on VHC-Multi machines to be completed in less than 5 minutes.

“When we set out to design the VHC-Multi system, there were a number of key requirements. Changeover between pans needed to be fast. Changeover needed to be a tool-less operation. And most importantly, we could never sacrifice cleanability of the machine. For this reason, we developed a unique method to change out coating pans without the need to keep the support trolley in the machine – which is inherently uncleanable. Our unique method accomplishes all these goals and we are super proud of what we have been able to accomplish.” Jim Spencer, VP, R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing Department General Manager

“There are two valuable features associated with this novel design. First: The client can swap out a pan in less than five minutes and the ability to utilize the same AHU, control system, and processing space to accommodate a wide range of processing capacities which holds tremendous value to the end user. Second: We believe most importantly; this novel design allows for greatly improved cleaning times. With the trolley removed, the pan can be completely washed and dried in place.”  Greg Smith, VP Sales and Lab General Manager

As you can see, we went out to design something that makes it super easy for pan changeability in a VHC-Multi.  Contact us today to learn more!

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