The Evolution of On-Dose Product Identification


Many business needs can be satisfied by providing unique identification on tablets and capsules.  But there is truly only one purpose: patient safety.  Managing risk in the increasingly complex supply chain for solid dosage products should start directly with the tablets and capsules themselves.

Apart from the regulatory requirements of 21 CFR Part 206, business drivers often involve brand identity and differentiation, product identification and dosage strength.  New drivers are gaining importance, such as counterfeiting deterrence, improved patient adherence and even the considerations toward “serializing the dose”.

Freund-Vector’s “The Evolution of On-Dose Product Identification”, available in the October 2017 issue of Tablets and Capsules Magazine, reviews traditional methods of adding identifiers to tablets and capsules and discusses new technologies that will increase safety, protect the supply chain, and meet manufacturers’ business needs.

This tablet is embossed with “ABC” on the front and “93” on the back.


If the patient breaks the tablet at the score, the “B” embossing on the front becomes obliterated. On the reverse,, is that a “9” , “6”, “3” or an “E”?


Using digital thermal inkjet printing, “ABC93” appears on the front side of the tablet and the back side is left blank. When you break the score, you minimize the ambiguity as there is no information to decipher. A QR code or logo could be added to back side if machine readable coding is desired.

We look forward to discussing how Freund-Vector can assist with your on-dose printing needs.  Contact Ed Novit,, for additional information.