Troubleshooting Granulation Process Problems

With any process, there are potential problems that need to be taken into consideration. In troubleshooting those problems, your first step should be to ensure that there are no equipment maintenance issues and that your raw materials are consistent from previous batches.

Once your equipment has been checked and your raw materials have been verified, then Freund-Vector recommends using a systematic approach to isolate and fix the processing problem. Freund-Vector offers structured seminars and on-site training programs to help establish those systematic troubleshooting techniques.

Below is a process that shows four roll compaction batches. The fourth batch is clearly out of specification and the obvious question is “What happened”.


The answer is Batch 4.

Of course, there are numerous possibilities that a trained process scientist should evaluate.



Troubleshooting Granulation Process Problems is part of the Freund-Vector Granulation and Coating Seminars held in Marion, Iowa and Villasanta (Milan Area).  This three-day seminar integrates classroom lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions to provide a comprehensive learning experience.  If interested in learning more about Freund-Vector’s seminars or on-site training programs, please send an email to

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