Used Pharmaceutical Equipment: Things to Consider…

There are many types of used laboratory and process equipment are available on the secondary market.  Most of what would be needed for a complete solid-dosage operation.  Knowing the process will ensure quality and peace of mind as items are typically sold “as is”.  So, educating yourself on the buying process and understanding the many factors involved prior to making such a purchase can help you mitigate the risk.


Considerations When Buying Used Freund-Vector Equipment


If your company is thinking about buying used Freund-Vector equipment, preview the equipment in person. If that’s not possible, validate the equipment based on the images, videos, or written description that is hopefully provided from the seller or auction company.  For example, A picture may show something in the background that is not part of the sale.



The availability of a comprehensive warranty, and the ability to extend it if needed should be an important consideration for anyone purchasing pre-owned equipment. Buying a piece of pre-owned equipment that is not working correctly can be very stressful and costly if there is no warranty or service contract to fall back on. After Freund-Vector has conducted the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Freund-Vector will provide a 6th month warranty upon shipment.



You just bought that used piece of Freund-Vector.  Did it come with all the extra equipment that you need to operate it?  Controls, spray guns, air handler, blower, humidification system, etc., are some of the important things to consider because it can be a costly surprise if its something that got overlooked in the buying process.


Geographical Location

When you mention location, most people think of a specific site and tend to overlook the location dependent services. If you are located in North America and the pre-owned pharmaceutical equipment is in Europe, electrical outlets will require some modifications.  Software to run equipment may not work.  Having access to certified service technicians may limit access to parts and service.  Freund-Vector has service techs all over the world and can travel to your location to assist and provide recommendations.


Repair and Retro Fitting

When buying pre-owned equipment, it may be useful to know what repairs are needed before being put back into service or what is currently needing repair for as-is equipment.  Freund-Vector recommends buying equipment that is supported by them for installing, revalidating, and upgrading.  Freund-Vector will sit down with you to discuss repairs, service contracts, or retro fitting any used Freund-Vector system to meet the processing requirements for your company.


Cleaning Procedures and Validation

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are required to set up a fully documented written cleaning procedure for each piece of processing equipment in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 211.67. Cleaning validation is part of the regulatory compliance process as well to ensure that all equipment is washed according. With the proper cleaning statements, Freund-Vector will evaluate a system at our facility and conduct a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), encouraging the customer to be present. This gives them an excellent opportunity to discuss any necessary add-ons like a Clean-in-place (CIP) or Wash-in-place (WIP) system.


When you find a used Freund-Vector system, please contact us first for assistance on evaluations and recommendations. Call us at 319.377.8263 or email

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