Freund-Vector Collaborates with Other Pharmaceutical Leaders on Roll Compaction Study (Part 1)

Evaluation of Different Mannitol Grades in Dry Granulation Process by Roller Compaction

The Freund-Vector European Laboratories co-authored in an important study presented at the AAPS show November 4-5, 2019. Along with SPI Pharma, Universita degli Studi di Milano, and Disproquima, Freund-Vector showed the effectiveness and consistency using a TFC-220 to granulate several Mannitol raw materials.  The results are shown below. Furthermore, it confirmed that Mannitol products (supplied by SPI Pharma) were effective in terms of flowability and bulk density. The TFC-220 roll compactor also granulated the material with a remarkable aptitude for enabling the tableting process.


To read the full details of this paper, please click here.

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