Scaling Roll Compaction

Freund-Vector offers solid solutions from feasibility to production

Freund-Vector’s comprehensive line-up of roll compaction equipment is designed to assist customers with developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in the most efficient manner possible.

The TFC-Lab Micro’s design is best suited for feasibility studies.  With a starting capacity of 5g, you can make an assessment on your pharmaceutical products without having to use a large quantity of pharmaceutical powders.

TFC-Lab Micro capacity; As you move from feasibility to pilot, the TFC 220 will provide you the necessary capacity, (1 – 30 kg/hr) to develop your pharmaceutical products.

Now that you have completed your pilot, you are now ready to use the TFC-1230, which provides production capacity levels, ranging from 100-400 kg/hr.

Freund-Vector's TFC Roll Compactor used for densification and dry granulation

Process scaling occurs between these machines if you maintain the same roll speed (velocity), consistent compaction forces, and scalable width ratios of the rolls.

We look forward to discussing how Freund-Vector’s Roll Compaction Solutions can assist you with developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

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