Taste Masking Multi-Particulates Utilizing Dry Polymer Layering

Taste masking of multi-particulate dosage forms has become widespread in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly with small particles used in orally disintegrating tablets (ODT) applications. The amount of coating required to fully mask the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can be variable as the size and shape of the substrate changes. Freund-Vector’s Process Scientists conducted a study to quantify the effect of size and shape on the coating requirements to fully taste mask multi-particulates.

Taste analysis were completed with Freund-Vector’s GRANUREX® GXR-35 using Acetaminophen (APAP) and sugar spheres.  Below is an illustrative chart outlining the results of this study.

The Effect of Particle Size and Shape on the Coating Level Required for Taste Masking Multi-Particulates Utilizing Dry Polymer Layering

The results of this study concluded that the size and shape characteristics have a significant impact on the amount of coating required to achieve taste masking of a multi-particulate system.  Quantifying the size and shape values of the substrate prior to applying the taste masking coating can help to ensure the proper formulation for achieving a taste masked particle with the highest possible drug content.

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