Rental Equipment

Focusing on Feasibility and Development Processes Freund-Vector is one of the only companies that offer a complete line a cutting edge solutions from Lab to Pilot scale systems that can […]

Cos.Mec Acquisition

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 9, 2020   Notice of Acquisition of Cos.Mec of Italy On November 5, 2020, Freund Corporation, Tokyo Japan, acquired Cos.Mec S.r.l., a privately owned […]

Fluid Bed: Wurster Powder Coating

Freund’s patented Wurster Pro™ allows dry powder to be injected into the spray zone to enable coating multi-particulate cores with an enteric polymer. This method of dry powder layering decreases […]

Pan Coating

Fully Perforated HI-COATER® Systems The HI-COATER® fully perforated tablet coating systems are used for the application of aqueous, solvent and sugar film coating for tablets and pellets. Pan volumes range […]

Fluid Bed: Wurster Coating

When is a Wurster system used? The Wurster coating system is ideally suited for the coating of particles ranging from fine powders (~10 micron) up to small pellets (2-3 mm). […]